Lines of Flight (2017)

HD video documentation + audio + photography. 44:19 min.


On March 26th, 2015 Lines of Flight took place.

‘From Greece to Spain: Lines of Flight – Syriza & Podemos’ was a performative debate. It aimed to illuminate traces between ideas and places, places and ideology.

For the occasion representatives from Syriza (Greece) and Podemos (Spain) were invited to discuss the state of politics within the framework of the Greek credit crisis and the rise of Podemos as a political force in Spain. Yet, the debacle that was about to take place for the Greek politics/economy seemed like a bad dream, and the elections were still to be decided in Spain.

In parallel, a humanitarian crisis was unfolding in the Mediterranean shores, while austerity measures were being imposed to several countries within the region.

The representatives from the political parties were asked to participate as patients in a staged psychoanalytical session taking place in the set-up of a TV panel discussion show.

As an introduction to the event, Ronny Mukanga (Entrepreneur) and Herbert Ploegman (Anthropologist/Researcher ) reflected on their personal experiences in relation to Greece, while Fillipos Vogiatzian (ReInform) and Jaap Tielbeke (De Groene Amsterdammer) entered in dialogue delving into the possible connections shared by both parties. The introductory session ended with an intervention by Nicholas Vrousalis (Leiden University) exploring the Psychoanalytic dimensions of the European political landscape.

Markha Valenta (Radboud University) was joined by Maria Lunares (Podemos) & Alexandros Kypriotatis (Syriza) for the psychoanalytic session.

Here audio files documenting the interventions:

Digital Photography. 2016

Still from video. 2015

Still from video. 2015

Thanks to Julie Dassaud (Kulter), Gaston Ten Horn (Tetterode), Roel Griffioen (Front-Line), Tiong Ang, Andres Novo and Robert Wittendorp.

Thanks to Winston Nanlohy (Second Camera), Hiromi Horiuchi and Regina Van Der Kloet (Photography).

Lines of Flight was done in collaboration with Markha Valenta and the kind support of M4gastatelier and Dijktheater.