House of Shyness


House of Shyness c

House of Shyness. 2015. HD video. 46 min


Tiong Ang and Alejandro Ramirez collaborated to produce this film shot in Taipei, Taiwan. The film is a response to the challenge of creating under uncertain production conditions and shared authorship. Coming from separate artistic practices, the artists merged hybrid identity, collective memory and political schisms as catalysts for production. Ang and Ramirez fabricated a narrative executed by nameless characters that follow unexpected motivations. The piece is assembled in such a way that urban space is given the importance of an entity, placed between cultural and personal subjectivities, while exploring how these concepts collide. Using the Taipei Fine Arts Museum as a backdrop, the film is constructed as an observational exercise of dissociation, breaking apart preconceptions and platitudes while working in an unknown environment.

HOUSE OF SHYNESS was an evolving process in which chance was welcomed as a creative impulse. The film uses diverse improvisational techniques in close relation with the road-movie genre and Asian art house cinema aesthetics. It constructs performative situations that are transformed into a story-line. These ‘situations’ are staged using clear but nonetheless minimal ideas as script, in order to investigate personal stories (of the authors), collective creation (of the crew), the history of the city, and the motivations for artistic production. The plot unfolds and fabricates itself as the authors become familiar with the unfamiliar: adapting, walking impromptu in a dérive, following the rhythm of the city.

HOUSE OF SHYNESS was originally produced during a research and production period in Taipei for the exhibition project ‘Aesthetic Jam’ at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum in 2014. Actors were cast in the museum, during a performative act. All crew members, including the musicians, are visual artists. Additional shooting and post-production were done in Amsterdam. The film was shown for the first time at the ‘Research Pavilion / Experimentality’, collateral event of the ‘Biennale di Venezia 2015’.

Thanks to: Taipei Fine Arts Museum / Taipei National University of the Arts (School of Visual Arts) / University of The Arts Utrecht (MaHKU) / Mondriaan Fund, The Netherlands