Exercises on Perspective_

The Mediterranean area has been called the cradle of civilization. At time when the very idea of Europe is undergoing relentless reformulations, one question captures my attention: what is the meaning of this word? Beyond territorial boundaries, national and economical discourses, further the shores of the continent, there must be an idea that unifies and replaces the provincial notion of ‘territory’.

In the museum the collection speaks about the collector; in between their lines of ‘taste’, economic availability and scientific rigor one can find ideological threads and unexpected genealogies. I would like to generate an alternative categorization where contemporary fictional elements get confused with ‘original’ ones. As a found object enters the collection, life stories and unforeseen connections emerge to tell alternative historical narratives where recent stories of migration confront their ancient counterparts.

The inserted objects were chosen according to no particular criteria to construct case studies that underline circumstances where the migratory process becomes difficult or even impossible. Survival kits, Digital currencies, Internet ‘memes’, and everyday objects belonging to migrants are inserted into the collection pairing up the museum objects. They illuminate their traveling routes from places like Egypt, Lampedusa, Syria or Malta which are historical in nature. The genealogy of the objects was inspired by news reports, personal experiences and various data published by multiple organizations. The ITEMS will question, sometimes in a humorous way, the status of the collection:

What is accepted? Why? Where?

Allard Pierson Museum 2014

Allard Pierson Museum. 2014

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Exercises on Perspective_
Exercises on Perspective_ Exercises on Perspective_ Exercises on Perspective_
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With the support of Moving Matters WorkShop LINK and the collaboration of Allard Pierson Museum – Amsterdam // 2014 LINK