Dinner at the 4th.

The project started when a newspaper cut-out got in my hands. The news report described how a container packed with plastic ananas filled with cocaine was caught by the police at Rotterdam’s port, in January 2010. From this moment an imaginary character was created: a journalist lost while trying to find information related to the cargo. In the plot of the story different voices were used creating a collective narrative made out of chance and speculation. I went on the Dutch railroad system and asked random people what happened to the journalist. The people were given some details and then they were asked: What happened next? I followed the speculation from the port in Rotterdam to Delft and then to Amsterdam and so on. From the facts collected during the months of execution a video and an essay were created. The video and essay are made of little ellipses that repeat them selves three times forming a complete revolution. The essay appropriates quotes and text from different authors mirroring the video piece. “Dinner at the 4th” reflects on issues connected to global commerce, legality, filmmaking, sampling and story telling. It connects literature, philosophy and human experience in a performative way. The piece reflects on the event –the cargo arrival- and its possible connections.

Here the link to the text also entitled “Dinner at the 4th” http://goo.gl/nGEgL
Here a link to the web_blog also containing The text: http://wp.me/p3ajTG-g

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