Alejandro Ramirez



2009-2010 MaHKU. UTRECHT GRADUATE SCHOOL OF VISUAL ARTS AND DESIGN. MA Fine Arts.Utrecht, The Netherlands.

2006 ESCUELA INTERNACIONAL DE CINE DE SAN ANTONIO DE LOS BAÑOS. Cinematography. Diploma. San Antonio de los Baños, La  Habana, Cuba.

1998-2004  UNAL. UNIVERSIDAD NACIONAL DE COLOMBIA. Audio-visual producer. Film-making. Art and New Media emphasis. B.A.Bogotá, Colombia.




LA COCINA. On going. In collaboration with Lore Gablier and Goleb ( ( [Amsterdam, The Netherlands]
THERE ARE ONLY WAYS IN. 2016. International Premiere. LAB 111. In collaboration with Tiong Ang. [Amsterdam, The Netherlands]
BENJAMIN CHOIR. 2016. Art in the State of emergency, performance under ’48 Hours Peace Workshops on Peace, Foreign and Security Policies’. Rosa Luxembourg Foundation. [Berlin, Germany]
SPECULATIVE. 2016. A conscious issue #4. Launched at Nectar gallery. Publication.  [Tbilisi, Georgia].
UNIVERSALITY – Decorum of Thought and Desire. THERE ARE ONLY WAYS TO GET IN. 2015. Guangzhou Triennial. Film installation. In Collaboration with Tiong Ang. [Guangzhou, China].
BENJAMIN CHOIR. 2015. Narracje Festival. Video projection over architecture. In collaboration with Olga Jitlina. [Gdansk, Poland].
HOUSE OF SHYNESS. 2015 Dutch premiere. In Collaboration with Tiong Ang. LAB 111. [Amsterdam, The Netherlands].
CALL FOR DRAWINGS. 2015. BAK. Basis voor Actuele Kunst.  Exhibition. [Utrecht, The Netherlands].
HOUSE OF SHYNESS. 2015. Research Pavilion. Experimentality. In Collaboration with Tiong Ang. Collateral event Venice Biennial 2015 [Venice, Italy].
 work + work + workshop. 2015. The front Line at M4 Tetterode . [Amsterdam, The Netherlands]
IF THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD.  Art, Gentrification, and Housing Politics. 2015. The Front Line at Dijk Theatre [Amsterdam, The Netherlands]
FROM GREECE TO SPAIN. LINES OF FLIGHT: SIRIZA & PODEMOS. 2015. The Front Line at Dijk Theatre. Performance debate. [Amsterdam, The Netherlands].
HOUSE OF SHYNESS. 2014. Taipei Fine Art Museum. Aesthetic Jam, satellite event of Taipei Biennial 2014 . In Collaboration with Tiong Ang [Taipei, Taiwan]
EXERCISE ON PERSPECTIVE.  Allard Pierson Museum. Performance, Group show. [Amsterdam, The Netherlands]
ARE YOU CIVILIZED. 2014. Kulter. Group show. [Amsterdam, The Netherlands]
LOOKING FOR N. 2014. Tarkovsky Fest. [Moscow, Russia]
A10_ . 2013. Cascoland.  Artist in Residence. Research project. [Amsterdam, The Netherlands]
JOYFUL WISDOM. 2013. The Pavilion of Distance: Cross Roads and Hazy Maze. Collaborative Project. Rezan Has Museum. [Istanbul, Turkey].
MUTED DISTORTIONS. 2012. Metamatic Art Foundation. Looped, video installation [Athens,Greece]
TBILISI TRIENNIAL “Off-side Effect”. 2012. The Pavilion of Distance: A Greek Tragedy. Collaborative Project. Center of Contemporary Art / Georgian National Museum [Tbilisi, Georgia]

MATINE. 2012. Witzenhausen Gallery. [Amsterdam, The Netherlands]
KIJKRUIMTE. reconstruction(s) 2012. Artist in residence. Solo exhibition. [Amsterdam, The Netherlands]
GRID. Bi-Annual International Photography Festival. 2012. Invited artist, representing Colombia. [Amsterdam, The Netherlands]
SUNDAY MATINEE. 2011. Witzenhausen Gallery [Amsterdam, The Netherlands]
BACTRIA. 2011. The Nasreddin Project. Collective storytelling. Electronic Cartography. [Khujand-Tajikistan]

N.A.I. ROTTERDAM. 2011. Nieuwe Haarlemheim, Urban planning and architecture. [Rotterdam, The Netherlands]
CIEN MIRADAS, UN PAIS. 2011. Thus the count boy sang at the seashore. [Barcelona, España]
INCUBATE. Open Source Film Festival. 2011. Dinner at the 4th. [Tilburg-The Netherlands]
FESTIVAL INTERNACIONAL DE LA IMAGEN. 2011. Levantamientos Topograficos. [Manizales, Colombia]

LABSURLAB. 2011. Seguimientos. Museo de Arte Moderno [Medellin, Colombia]
COLOMBIAN ARTIST IN THE NETHERLANDS. 2011. Box 34. Amnesia. Galería Pulchri Studio [The Hage]
FRIEZE. 2010. Dinner at the 4th. Art Fair. Exp. open TV channel broadcast @ [UK. London.]
EQUINOCCIO. 2010. Dinner at the 4th. Electronic Arts Festival. [Calí, Colombia].
DEHOEKSTEEN. 2010 Sep. Dinner at the 4th. [Amsterdam].
OPEN-STUDIO. 2010. Dinner at the 4th. Master Program maHKU. [Utrecht, The Netherlands].
EXPODIUM. 2010. Incomplete Homage. Collective individualialims [Utrecht, The Netherlands].
FOTOMUSEO. 2009. Photography. [Bogotá, Colombia]
UNHCR INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL 2009. Thus the count boy sang at the seashore. [Caracas, Venezuela].
FOTOLOGÍA 6. 2008. International Photography Festival. [Bogotá, Colombia]

EL ESPEJO. 2008. Thus the count boy sang at the seashore. Film Festival. [Bogotá, Colombia]
UNESCO. REFUGEE FILM FESTIVAL. 2008. Thus the count boy sang at the seashore. [Caracas, Venezuela]
ZINEBI 49o. 2008. Thus the count boy sang at the seashore. International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Bilbao. [Bilbao, España]
CAJA DE PANDORA. 2007.XIII Thus the count boy sang at the seashore. Santafe de Antioquia Film Festival. [Santafe de Antioquia, Colombia]
100% COLOMBIA DOCUMENTAL. 2007. Thus the count boy sang at the seashore. [Bogotá, Colombia].
BOGOTÁ FILM FESTIVAL. 2007. Thus the count boy sang at the seashore. [Bogotá, Colombia]
RED HOOK FILM FESTIVAL. 2007. Thus the count boy sang at the seashore. [New York, EUA]

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